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 Zanathia Jewelry specializes in preserving rare antique and vintage accessories from eras gone by. We love to imagine the history & stories behind each historical piece as if they could talk. Our carefully curated jewelry collection includes a variety of well crafted accessories that encourages historic preservation and sustainability.

Founded in 2017 by antique dealer/appraiser & historic preservationist, Tanzy Ward, Zanathia emphasizes preserving pieces of history and the cherished memories that are connected with it. Our way of preserving history includes hand sourcing, researching, and providing unique jewelry that past generations wore with gentle love.
Antique and vintage jewelry are rare, sentimental, well-made for longevity, and environmentally friendly to our planet. At Zanathia, we strive to provide rare jewelry collectibles that will continuously be worn with enduring love. We hope you will discover a piece you love, that was once a family heirloom, and create new stories & cherished memories from the Zanathia jewelry collection!