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Vintage Mid Century Era Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Ring


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Vintage Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Ring
Vintage Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Ring
Vintage Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Ring
Vintage Sterling Silver Baltic Amber Ring

Unique hand-crafted vintage Baltic amber ring. The ring consists of a sterling silver intricately designed band, and a Baltic Amber cabochon set in a bezel setting. The ring has been tested for being sterling silver (925 parts per 1000). 

Ring Size 6

Weight: 3 grams   

Condition: Very Good Vintage Condition with moderate patina to sterling silver setting due to age.

The ring is unsigned

Quantity: 1

History: Baltic Amber comes from the Baltic Region, which is the largest known source for amber. In ancient civilizations, amber jewelry was worn for a variety of sentimental reasons. Amber is considered an organic 'fossil resin' produced by trees that eventually started to grow resin after the climate became warmer in the Baltic region. Baltic Amber takes a lengthy time to form, which is about 30-40 million years.  Baltic amber ranges from bright yellow to dark brown or brownish-orange depending on its age and where it is found. 

The Mid Century Era (c.1950-c.1970) began with the years following World War 2. After the war, many people were eager to welcome luxurious jewelry and a more feminine style after the militant look of the 40's during wartime. It was considered a time of prosperity and classic jewelry styles that emphasized glamour were popular. Common early Mid Century Era jewelry materials used were freshwater and faux pearls, diamonds, semi precious gemstones, plastic beaded ornaments, and rhinestones. Early Mid-Century Era jewelry exuded classic elegance, and the Modernist movement within the era introduced innovative abstract designs such as cluster motifs, the starburst, and anemone.

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