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Hidden Legacies Book

‘Hidden Legacies: African Presence in European Antiques’ emphasizes the historical significance and underwhelming acclaim that collectibles depicting African subjects receive. The world of classical antiquities and European collectibles has an expansive and intriguing unsung collection that is often overlooked and not given a proper representation. Hidden Legacies seeks to identify, analyze, and reflect on the diverse European antiques that feature African descendants. Vivid paintings, detailed cameos, fascinating photography, and extraordinary sculptures are studied and observed in each chapter, allowing the reader to reflect on its historic importance and the philosophical cultural studies relating to European antiques. Hidden Legacies calls attention to the impressive collectibles that feature African subjects from various periods, including the Renaissance and Victorian Eras.



My goal and vision for sharing Hidden Legacies is to emphasize the superb examples of European antiques that feature African descendants while also inspiring important conversations and changes in the way European studies are presented. When people reflect on esteemed periods such as Europe's Renaissance and Victorian Eras, the ideal image does not include the many African descendants who helped shape the history. The unsung and famous African faces that are a part of historical European movements do not receive the acclaim that they deserve. Hidden Legacies discusses how advanced philosophical movements and interest in ethnography studies inspired many European antiques that feature African subjects. History has shown us the negative images and stereotypes that have represented people of the African diaspora for centuries. Yet, there are extraordinary examples of realistic and positive portrayals that are not based on personal distorted viewpoints and prejudice. 



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