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Antique Art Nouveau Era Sterling Silver & Malachite Ring


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Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Silver & Malachite Ring
Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Silver & Malachite Ring
Antique Art Nouveau Sterling Silver & Malachite Ring

This unique and rare hand-crafted Art Nouveau era ring is a wonderful collector’s piece for antique jewelry lovers. The oval shape Malachite gemstone is bezel-set within a tested sterling silver setting. There are intricate and detailed designs on the hand-crafted sterling silver setting that compliments the center gemstone. 

Ring Size: 5

Weight: 1 gram

History: The Art Nouveau jewelry era (c.1890-c.1915) literally means ‘New Art’ and emphasized an artistic movement within jewelry. The Art Nouveau era overlapped with the Victorian & Edwardian eras, and was relatively brief. However, this era of jewelry made a significant impact on jewelry designs and focused on art being a part of daily life. Art Nouveau jewelry emphasized the natural beauty of gemstones instead of the price value. Jewelers of this era considered themselves artists more than jewelry-makers. The themes of Art Nouveau jewelry includes mystical, romantic, and natural world depictions. Common designs of Art Nouveau jewelry include flowers such as orchids, insects like butterflies, and depictions of women. Settings with natural gemstones were important elements of Art Nouveau jewelry.

Condition: Good vintage condition with signs of substantial patina on sterling silver setting and slightly crooked but secured malachite gemstone within the bezel setting due to age. 

The ring is unsigned 

Quantity: 1

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